Principal's Corner

#We Love WMMS #Changes

Dear West Morgan Middle School Rebel Family,    

 Welcome to West Morgan Middle School. We hope that your time with us will be educationally profitable for you.

     Middle school is a time of change. The workload and social adjustments are greater here than at the elementary level. Students will be expected to attend school regularly, complete all assignments, and behave appropriately.  We want every WMMS students' years here to be exciting and filled with many new opportunities.

     There is no easy way to change schools, or people unless they want to change.  A school is people. It takes it personality from what people do for, with, or against each other.

     How can we as a community change WMMS.  Drop one fewer paper or drink can on the floor or grounds. Pick up one piece of litter.  Be nice to one more person. Do one more assignment. Say hello to someone you don't know. Give someone a compliment.  Say thank you to someone who did something for you.  Learn something new every day.  Show respect for yourself and others.

     WMMS will always be a part of your life when you leave here.  Take pride it in now.  Help make it a better place, day by day, through the better ways you do things, the better ways you act.

     Our school is a community where people offer strength and support to each other. It should be a community that offers personal growth to everyone, a great place to learn, to work, to be.


 "If it doesn't challenge you then it won't change you."   

"It is our CHOICES that show what we truly are, far more than our ABILITIES." 


Jill J. Brown

Principal WMMS

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Phone:  256.606.3665 



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